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Touch screen function fully available. High quality and tight plastic sealing system ensures good waterproof function to rain, snow and ice. Capable of taking pictures with the camera underwater.Waterproof up to 20-30 meters under water. Universal design, wide compatibility. It is made of super thin 0.3 mm material, is touch sensitive, and allows you to take photos and videos.When used underwater, the touch screen function is not available. Underwater photo taken by pressing the volume button. The home button may not be available when the smartphone is inside the case.INTERNAL MEASURES: 16,8 cm x 8,8 cm x 1,2 cmLooking in my shop more accessories available for your smartphone.

Allows touch screen function fully available and feels free to make phone calls. High quality and tough plastic seal system ensures good waterproof function. Transparent front and partial back design, capable of taking photos with camera underwater. Suitable for all kind of outdoor activities: Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Canoeing, Water-Theme Park, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Off-shore work, Raining days outdoor work etc. Waterproof design fully sealed from rain, snow and ice. Waterproof up to 20-30 meters underwater. Neck strap is included for easy carrying. Arm strap for easy mounting on arm. Universal design, wide compatibility. Offers protection for your device while maintaining full touch screen functionality. Screen-touch sensibility: The crystal clear transparent windows to both sides are made of super thin 0.3mm material, it is sensitive to touch, response, type and take photos and videos. Before you use the case, please check if it is the right size to fit your phone; and check whether the case is good sealing by putting a tissue into the case for test. Please DO NOT put sharp objects inside the case. When using the waterproof case underwater, the touch screen function WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE (Functions are available when it is all dry only). Underwater photo taking is only supported by pressing the volume button; please make sure your phone can take photo with volume button and waterproof case/bag with available volume buttons. The home button MIGHT NOT BE AVAILABLE when phone in the case due to the certain design of waterproof case, please be noted.

DFV mobile Armband Universal Protective Beach Case 30M Underwater Waterproof Bag for GRETEL S55 Silver VQVYKUVGV

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