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IMPORTANCE: This Case Fits for iPod Touch 5 6 , Quality Material Made of premium Girls , this makes CaseFirst case durable and feel very good while provide various color to be chosen.

100% handmade by experience workers, beautiful Stitching Technology makes case be classic.Multiple detection before shipping to customer.Ensure best quality product to you with our sincerely attitude.

Technical Design The combination of the mobile phone case and wallet make all in one, you can have credit cards, pocket money, cellphone with one CaseFirst CASE while you are out.

Kindly Note NOW,order CaseFirst iPod Touch 5 6 Wallet Case with the reasonable price and best customer's service,Provide maximum protection for the life of your iPod Touch 5 6 .

CaseFirst iPod Touch 5 6 Wallet case iPod Touch 5 6 Flip case Classy Slim Leather Wallet ID Credit Card Slot Holder for iPod Touch 5 6 Wine Red NCEEROXVU

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