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HAUTE PERFORMANCE : 32Go Ultra rapide 80Mo/s Class 10 SDHC MicroSD SDHC pour Wiko Jerry mobile | Adaptateur SD est inclus afin qu'il peut être utilisé dans d'autres appareils comme les camérasFIABLE: Construit avec le plus haut standard des processus pour assurer la qualité de fabrication. Température de fonctionnement se situe entre 0° C à 70° C et température de stockage est comprise entre- 25° C à 85° C.SPEED: En utilisant le port USB 3.0, la vitesse de lecture est jusqu'à 80Mo/s et la vitesse d'écriture est comprise entre 20Mo/s. En utilisant le port USB 2.0, la vitesse de lecture et d'écriture maximale est d'environ 18Mo/s car le port USB 2.0 est plus lentHIGH-END CONTROLLER: contr leur haut de gamme est utilisé pour la vitesse minimale soutenue et la compatibilité qui, en combinaison assure un fonctionnement en douceur


We maintain the highest standard of manufacturing and quality assurance process to ensure quality and reliability of our memory products. These memory cards can be operated between 0°C to 70°C and can be stored between -25°C to .85°C.

High End Controller for sustained speed and compatibility

Built with a high-end controller for best compatibility and speed. That's why BigBuild eMemoryCards™ are compatible with many devices around your home. A minimum guarantee sustained data transfer rate ensure smooth operations.BigBuild eMemoryCards are fully compliant with all applicable SD standards.

Compliant with SD/SDHC/SDXC Standard

BigBuild eMemoryCards are fully compliant with all applicable SD standards.

Compatible with SDHC devices

SDHC cards use the same physical format as SD cards but cannot be used with SD host devices that do not comply with SDA Spec v2.0. If you are not sure about compatibility with your device, please let us know.

Speed test was performed using USB 3.0 port and latest memory card reader that complaint with SDHC/SDXC and supports both UHS-I speed. With USB 2.0 port or older memory card reader, maximum read or write speed would be not more than 18MB/s. as USB 2.0 ports are slower.

60-day Money Back Guarantee with Hassle-free Return

If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with the memory card, you have 60 calendar days from delivery in which to return them. To return request a Free Return Label and drop it off in any Royal Mail's mailbox or Post Office.

32Go Ultra Rapide Class 10 80Mo s MicroSD SDHC Carte mémoire pour Wiko Jerry mobile Adaptateur SD inclus BigBuild Technology XYVNQWVVV

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